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With nearly three decades of experience in the business of automotive electronics and accessories at our location on Dublin Ave, we have sold and installed thousands of remote starters. We are a locally owned and operated shop and only employ the very best installation technicians. With over 60 years of combined experience, you can feel confident that the job will be done right, not just the first time but every time we have the pleasure of working on your vehicle. Our highly qualified technicians are also the people that will assist you in choosing the right system for your vehicle and lifestyle. All our work is backed by our commitment to quality customer service and a lifetime workmanship warranty. If you ever have any questions or are in need of assistance, you know exactly where to find us. We’ll be right here where we have been for the last 29 years waiting to assist you.

About remote

Over the 29 years we have been installing remote starters, vehicles have become increasingly more sophisticated. These newer vehicles can come equipped from the factory with a variety of different immobilizer systems as well as a content alarm and keyless entry. In order to maintain the integrity of these advanced factory systems, they have to be interfaced correctly in order for the remote start system and the factory systems to function properly. These interfaces and their processes are what make the final price of an installed remote start vary so much from vehicle to vehicle.
We’re sure you have seen ads promoting starters from $199.00 installed or less. That seems like a very good price, but when you call to inquire, the price sometimes doubles or worse. The price depends entirely on the make, model and year of the vehicle it is going into. While there are a few older vehicles that can be done for that low a price, they are now becoming much more rare in our experience.

starter pricing

In an attempt to promote an all-in price that includes these advanced interface modules (which are now required on most newer vehicles) and keyless entry, you need to be aware that not all pricing you see advertised is the same. We have designed our all-in pricing to reflect what we see for the majority of the vehicles we service. These prices are *most vehicles*, and truly will be accurate for most. There are a lot of vehicles where the price will be less, a few which will be more. We always ask that you please call us for a more accurate quote. So when you are shopping for your best value, always make sure you are comparing apples to apples, always ask for your price that includes all parts, shop materials… everything required to do a quality installation on your vehicle.

Installed in most vehicles $299 to $399 plus taxes

One-way Viper remote start

Up to 2000ft range (610 meters)
Two remotes
Installed in most vehicles with required immobilizer and factory alarm interface
Includes keyless entry where applicable
Limited lifetime warranty

Installed in most vehicles $569 plus taxes

Two-way LCD Viper remote start

Up to 1 Mile Range (1.6 kilometers)
One LCD two-way remote and one one-way companion remote
Rechargeable battery in two-way remote
Installed in most vehicles with required immobilizer and factory alarm interface
Includes keyless entry where applicable
Limited lifetime warranty

Installed from $449 plus taxes


Start your car from your phone
Longest range available in Canada
Can be added to most existing Viper systems for as little as $199 plus taxes
Works with most Smartphones